RCMPA Polishing Technologies Pvt. Ltd., is incorporated in India, in the state of Maharashtra situated about 40 Kilometers from Mumbai, the financial capital of the country and is extremely well connected by Air, Road and Sea transport. RCMPA specializes in manufacturing of Cerium based fine Salts, Compounds & high grade polishing powders.

RCMPA’s proprietary manufacturing technology has enabled it to emerge a prominent and reliable supplier of Cerium based salts, compounds and polishing powders across the globe.RCMPA is a designated and preferred supplier to conglomerates across various industries, including, Petroleum, Catalyst, Ophthalmic, Ceramic and many others.

Our Mission

“To emerge leaders in Rare Earth Industry through Innovation, Integration and Commitment” – Maxim Gill – M.D.

It remains RCMPA’s continued endeavour to challenge the technology and commercial boundries so as to deliver cost – effective and wuality be – spoke chemical compounds to its customer. Complete customer satisfaction remains a top priority at RCMPA

Our Services

– Standard off-the-shelf Cerium based polishing powder grades & salt/compounds.
– Be-spoke Cerium based chemical compounds to meet your company specific requirement for:
– Purity
– Solution/Crystal Formulations
– Independent lab testing conforming to global standards
– Logistic and material movement Support for all destinations across the globe
– Product warranty and re-processing assurance
– Raw material to finished product SWAP arrangments
– Toll work for conversions

Our Achievement

Most reputed and largest manufacturer of Cerium Compounds in the world in a span of 9 years.

Only Commercially successful conversion plant in India converting Cerium oxide into Cerium Sulphate, Using a proprietary methodology. Largest domestic and International supply chain network for Cerium based polishing powders and Compounds