Polishing Powders

RCMPA Polishing Technologies Pvt. Ltd. provides solutions to glass/optics industries with their specializes Cepoll® brand for cerium based polishing powder with continuous R&D and improved technical process we have invented wide range of polishing powder which provide high polishing efficiency in different industries and provide solution to problem like cacking, antiscalant difficulties, suspension problem and scratching issues.

RCMPA Brand Cepoll® is a very effective optical polishing powder. Our new technology give high speed polishing powder and can used for glass scratch removal.

The optical glass market is moving towards highly engineered and controlled processes that require tighter tolerances and specifications on finished end products. The polishing uniformity has become very critical by controlling parameters like micro-waviness, surface roughness and TTV.

In response to this challenging demand, RCMPA has introduced a NEW line of high purity and discretely sized abrasive Cepoll® Grades by optimizing the surface chemistry of abrasive particles, leading to tighter correlation of absorption to the stock removal rate. Our New Cepoll® Grades have been specially formulated for excellent suspension characteristics, optimum PH levels, anti caking treatments and precise stock removal parameters to accommodate different polishing needs and conditions.

RCMPA emerge as an Indian glass polishing powder supplier throughout the world in quick time, You can buy Cerium oxide or Cerium oxide powder from our website also.

Our New Cepoll® polishing powder Grades have been designed for effectiveness on conventional polishing machines as well as automated machines to achieve the desired surface shape.