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Cerium is the most abundant of the rare earths. It is characterized chemically by having two valence states, the +3 cerous and +4 ceric states. The ceric state is the only non-trivalent rare earth ion stable in aqueous solutions. It is, therefore, strongly acidic and moderately toxic. It is also a strong oxidizer. The cerous state closely resembles the other trivalent rare earths. Cerium salts that have been characterized include carbonates, nitrates, Chlorides, fluorides, carbonates and sulfides.

It is considered to be the most efficient glass-polishing agent for precision optical polishing. The cerium-baseddecolorizer is used to remove iron impurities from glass/medical glassware and aerospace windows. It has property to block ultra violet rays if doped with glass at the time of manufacturing. . It is applied to optical components to improve performance. It is also used to prevent polymers from darkening in sunlight and to suppress discoloration to glass of television. It is applied to optical components to improve performance.

Cerium based products plays several catalytic roles. Different forms of cerium oxides are used as a stabilizer for the high surface area alumina in catalyst conversion. It promotes water shift reaction. It is used to increase NOX reduction capability of Rhodium.It is also used as component for oxygen storage. It is used in FCC catalyst where zeolites are used to give both catalytic reactivity in the reactor and thermal stability in the regenerator.

Cerium(III) oxide in different forms is used as catalyst converter for reduction of carbon dioxide

emissions in the exhaust gases in motor vehicle engine. Cerium is used in oven walls as catalyst and also in petroleum cracking catalyst in petroleum purification.

Cerium based salts can enhance the photo stability of pigments and provide them light fastness and prevents their clear polymers from darkening in sunlight. The television glass plates electron bombardment can be reduced by addition of cerium oxide ,which is tend to to darken them by creation of F-center color centers. Cerium is also source of phosphors used in TV screens and fluorescent lamps. Cerium sulfide forms a red pigment which is stable at 350° Celsius. It is non toxi substitute of cadmium sulfide pigments.

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RCMPA produces with the name of Cepoll® a unique blend of cerium oxide polish. Cerium oxide glass polishing powder can be used for removing scratches.