Products & Solutions

RCMPA Polishing Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has efficiently serviced the glass and optics industries with it’s flag-shipbrand Cepoll®,a known name in cerium based polishing powder since 1995.It has, over the years, invested substantial resources incontinued R&D effortsthereby delivering improved technical process and richly enhanced product quality.

RCMPA’s polishing powder grades are known world wide for their high polishing efficiency across varied industry applications and have providedeffective solution to generic industry problems like caking, anti-scalant difficulties, suspension problem and scratching issues.

Cepoll® has also proved to be very effective polishing powder for the Optical industry. Its technically advanced compositionprovides high speed polishing and can be used for glass scratch removal. We understand that the optical glass market is moving towards highly engineered and controlled processes that require tighter tolerances and specifications on its end-of-line finished products. The polishing uniformity has become very critical by controlling parameters like micro-waviness, surface roughness and TTV.

In response to these challenging demands, RCMPA has introduced a NEW line of high purity and discretely sized abrasive Cepoll® Grades by optimizing the surface chemistry of abrasive particles, leading to tighter correlation of absorption to the stock removal rate. Our New Cepoll® Grades have been specially formulated for excellent suspension characteristics, optimum PH levels, anti caking treatments and precise stock removal parameters to accommodate different polishing needs and conditions.

RCMPA has emerged as a reliable, consistent and efficient glass polishing powder supplier throughout the world in a very quick time. Our ever evolvingCepoll® polishing powder Grades have been designed for high performance on conventional polishing machines as well as automated machines in achieving the desired surface shape; a high grade optical polishing powder that is afar better substitute for any equivalent international product available in the market.