What we do?

RCMPA Polishing Technologies (P) Limited. EST:2005

RCMPA Polishing Technologies (P) Limited was incorporated under the Provisions of Companies Act, 1956, is headquartered in Mumbai, India. The Company primarily carries on the businesses of Manufacturing Cerium Based Polishing powders, & High-Performance Cerium and Lanthanum Salts & Compounds.

RCMPA Polishing Technologies (P) Limited comprises of two main divisions:

1. Polishing Powders (Cerium Based)

CEPOLL is among the top fastest-growing Glass polishing compound. It has a strong brand presence in the Automobile Rear View Mirror industry, Display Glass, ophthalmic and Optical lenses; The business includes multiple products ranges based on the glass polishing application industry.

2. Rare-Earths Division (RE)

RCMPA –Rare Earth Division is the largest independent and downstream processor and manufacturer of high-performance cerium and Lanthanum salts & compounds in India, delivering around 600 TPA of TREO in different geographies.

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in BADLAPUR, Maharashtra specializes in Proprietary Technology for manufacturing Precision engineered RE salts for CMP slurries, Automobile catalyst, FCC catalyst and Pharma API.

High Performance Cerium Compounds, Lanthanum Salts , Lanthanum Compounds Manufacturers, Suppliers, Badlapur, Thane, Mumbai, India