• CEPOLL HGCUT: We have synthesized cerium by our proprietary process such that the morphological structure and particle size achieved at manufacturing stage has given it a unique identification for faster stock removal rates along with optical clarity and ease of surface cleaning post production.
    As per application industry requirements this single product is substitute for multiple other competitor products while being very cost effective.
  • Cerium Nitrates & Acetates: our high-performance salt is near perfect batch by batch for both Rare-earth and Non-Re impurities whereby allowing customers who require high precision input raw-material for CMP slurries or Automobile/FCC catalyst a complete headway to use the same in POR with complete trust and reliability.


  • Our assets and expertise enable us to collaborate with our customers from the R&D laboratory on up through commercial production.
  • Technology Centres are integrated with manufacturing so that the commercialization of new products is accelerated.
  • Award-winning Technical Service teams work seamlessly alongside customers to find ways to increase value in our customer processes as well as their products.


  • Quality systems are sophisticated and core to our processes. Our facility is certified and leads through systematic problem-solving and state-of-the-art process improvement methods.
  • Our broad footprint and core materials science capabilities enable high levels of operational flexibility. Most products can be manufactured at more than one of our facilities so we can optimize the system and value to customers based on variables from capacity and shipping to energy costs and sustainability priorities.
  • Perhaps most important, we continue to invest hugely each year in our manufacturing assets and process improvement.
  • At the same time, productivity gains consistently, deliver efficiency, speed, sustainability, and safety improvement.
  • We optimize operations, supply chain, and S&OP networks to source the best raw materials, develop cost-saving and quality-enhancing substitutions and advance the technology and service that deliver value to our customers.

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